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Tanzania president Magufuli seeks second term as polls open


2020-10-28 09:05:57

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Tanzanians headed to the polls on Wednesday for presidential and parliamentary elections that President John Magufuli hopes will hand him another five-year term despite criticism from rights groups that the government has stifled political dissent.

Magufuli’s main challengers include Tundu Lissu, who was shot 16 times in 2017, and former foreign minister Bernard Membe. The attack on Lissu, who returned from three years in exile in July, has never been solved.

People turned out early to cast their ballots in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday morning.

“The voting process is good, calm,” local pastor Clement Fumbo told Reuters after voting. “I expect the election to continue to be peaceful, fair and free.”

But many Tanzanians complained online that they were are experiencing problems accessing social media platforms.

“Authorities are now trying to block VPN services,” said ProtonVPN, an open source VPN provider, on Twitter.

On Tuesday, both Twitter and Internet blockage monitor NetBlocks reported

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