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Star Wars Squadrons gets 4K, 120fps on Xbox Series X only


2020-11-26 12:03:31

New console hardware almost always means more power. That power, however, is lost if the software, that is, games, don’t take advantage of it. That naturally requires releasing new titles and updating old ones that exploit all that new processing muscle, which is what EA is doing for Star Wars Squadrons running on next-gen, actually now current-gen, hardware. But just as these new consoles aren’t exactly equal, neither are these next-gen improvements that could leave some feeling a bit jealous.

With a game that takes place in space and tries to recreate the cinematic space fights of a movie, you’d probably be crazy not to want to play it in the highest quality possible. That is, of course, presuming your hardware can handle it. Fortunately for new Xbox Series X owners, it seems that they’re getting the better serving for this title.

EA announced next-gen improvements for the game, highlighting support for 120fps frame rates and 4K resolutions. Unfortunately, that only applies to the Xbox Series X|S

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